A Mix On Repeat #9

a mic on repeat.

Here’s the latest dose of tracks that are worth getting to know this week. As it’s bank holiday week we’ve picked some cuts to fit our mood.

Rae Sremmurd – No Type (Xavier Dunn Cover)

We first heard of Xavier Dunn yesterday. Doing some poking around we can see he’s brought his soothing folk-r&b vocals to a few other covers including A$AP Rocky’s Fuckin’ Problem (which has over a million plays to date.) There’s a Kanye West Gold Digger one too. Xavier’s new offering, a Rae Sremmurd cover, has definitely a style tuning into if you’re wanting something relaxing this weekend:


You know when new artists remind you of one your favourite bands you momentarily forgot? Well, with INHEAVEN we’re totally brought back to Parenthetical Girls, Los Campesinos! & Xiu Xiu who were the masters of doing the best examples of lo-fi contextualising on music. You need to hear REGENERATION. What a sensational track!

Niia – Body [Stint Remix]

Niia’s vocals have been supplemented well this rather mellow Stint remix which doesn’t take too much away from the original but instead further justifies it as a great lounge track. If you’re looking to pick up a glass of red wine one evening over the bank holiday you should consider a spin or two. Another note on Niia – Doesn’t she have such a fantastic tone to her vocals? We’re impressed.

Beach Baby – Bruise

We recently got into Beach Baby last month with their debut, Ladybird. Now we’re presented with a rather tasty Bruise which is more fun surf rock that’ll help you dream away the next few months until it’s warm enough to play this when the sun is shining, which is totally how we feel it’ll be best served-up. Soak this one in now:

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