Yolke – Syrup EP


Yolke, the psych-ambient fourpiece from Melbourne label Fallopian Tunes, have released a homemade live recording of a new track, Waves.

Having just returned from a sojourn to the Americas for the Fallopian Tunes Raw Dingo US Tour (which included touring throughout Mexico as well) to radiate their latest EP, Syrup, Yolke invites you to melt into your chair and ignite your mind. Feel your brain being tickled by echoes and residues that you’d hear only in your dreams while the curious music sates you with a warming softness and subtlety of tone.

Yolke stands out as a band because they brave the treacherous path of pop music making, balancing precariously, yet triumphantly, over the line between the unknown and the familiar.

Purchase Syrup here.

Probe Yolke and other irregular music on this Fallopian Tunes free mixtape and learn a little more about their label with this free double compilation by New Weird Australia and Fallopian Tunes.

Words by Iain Murray.



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