Sleepy Tom – Currency EP

sleepy tom

Sleepy Tom is no stranger to us here at Repeat Button. We give his music a good flogging any chance we get, in fact he is of the many musicians we have followed since day dot. He is consistently birthing new dancefloor gems into the musical world with an unrelenting strangle on everything loud and gritty.

Currency is the debut EP through Fools Gold Records. Make no mistake, there is nothing ‘sleepy’ about this EP. Sure, Let It Go might not be as in your face as tracks like Snap Back Bounce and The Currency, but it’s still enough butter you up and spill hurdles of glitch tremors down your spine. It is also a fantastic opening to the EP, you can’t be smacked in the face in the opening seconds, you need to warm to it.

Enter Snap Back Bounce,  delectably smooth with just enough persuasive crunch to provoke a shoulder dislocation while dancing in your chair. It’s faster paced and dynamically charged, a floor filling fist pumper.

The clincher for me is the title track, Currency, perhaps due to my love of squalid electro as a teen or the fact that it’s just that bad ass. Currency kicks out of its cage with a brutal creeping, heavily distorted nightmare lullaby. The EP is closed with Throwing Plates, a big arena sound which is the most likely out of all to get radio play. It is slightly toned down with an almost Porter Robinson influence in the melody.

If this EP is anything to go by you will be hearing a lot more from this man (especially from us). I highly recommend it if you are a lover of bass and grimey electro. Head to Beatport to get your greasy paws on a copy.

Also if you are in Canada and want to head to the launch, Sleepy Tom will be at Celebrities Nightclub Tonight (June 19). Click here for more details.

And I’ll throw a in a sneaky mix for you as well – Download here.

Words By – Connor Mackay

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