DisCrow – No More Party


Just as the name suggests, DisCrow likes disco. Quintessential party boy from Queensland, Ryan Crowe is renown for making music that has swagger; is vivacious, diverse, energetic and entertaining.

No More Party sees DisCrow flip his token party boy persona to diversify his profile with an exploration into a deeper, mellower House landscape.

Sometimes, when our favourite artists release a track or an album that we see as a significant shift in their style, we hate it. (Think Daft Punk/Chemical Bros/Dj Koze Amaglyda/Diplo/Moby.)  All it means though is that they’ve consulted a new place of inspiration which has manifested itself in a different palette of style, tempo or tone.

No More Party puts DisCrow into the category of artists who can recontextualize their own music, allowing it to transform and evolve fluidly. The shift to a subtler, more introspective style reflects completely unsafe territory for him yet he traverses it with an easy elegance.  The vocals (actually Crowe’s own) are steeped in a melancholy that’s vaguely reminiscent of The Cure. On the other hand the samples of the infamous Notorious B.I.G’s Party & Bullshit lyrics that roll throughout inject something of that tipped upside down familiarity that we all unwittingly crave.

The result is a sonic patchwork of creativity and personal inspriations that intensifies Crowe’s profile as not only an entertainer but as a skilled producer.

You can download his tunes for free here via Triple J Unearthed.

Words – The Other Jess



Words – The Other  Jess

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