The Chain Gang of 1974 – Sleepwalking (Goon Bags Remix)

goon bags

With a name like Goon Bags, I just couldn’t resist a listen.

To clarify, in Australia ‘goon’ is a cheap bag of wine that can be squirted into one’s mouth/face. But this Goon Bags is Canadian and I’ve never drunk cheap in this country so it’s hard to say. Either way, this producer doesn’t take life too seriously, despite his gangsta tunes.

The original of Sleepwalking was a little bit dull, predictable, with too many annoying vocal quirks. But ol’ Goon Bags washes (squirts? slaps?) away the sins of The Chain Gang of 1974 and turns this track into something that fans of snares, drops and good old fashion bass-remixes will love.

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