You need a pair of Volume DH-B38..


Believing my life was complete without an iPhone, I resisted the smart phone upgrade for longer than most. It’s only with hindsight you realise what a monumental idiot you have been. These days I’m on the verge of a panic attack/breakdown/tantrum when the dreaded less than 10%  battery warning flashes up. Funny how things work out.

Which brings me around to headphones. I have resisted buying on ear ‘proper’ headphones, again probably longer than most. This might seem odd, given my life is governed by music, and my long career in TV. I’m no stranger to decent cans – at work. But at home I’ve always had a decent set of speakers and subs rather than the solitary stuff. Oh, hindsight, my faithful friend.


Since being the owner of a pair of Volume I have been indulging in a new solo hobby, and pissing off my neighbours considerably less. Having proper headphones at home (and on the go) is truly a revelation. Yes, yes, I know I could well a be a late bloomer. But there are loads of people out there like me. Still wrestling with the cables, getting them caught in scarves, tangled in pockets, flicking the buds to try to stop the annoying vibrating. Step into the light people!

The Volume DH-B38 are only £69.95 and you get a helluva lot of features for your money. The sound quality is rich, smooth and rounded. I’ve listened to bass heavy stuff, ambient piano, and vocal pop and felt like they hit the perfect balance every time. Bluetooth, with a range that stretches from your laptop, the the kettle, to the front door. Possibly the corner shop – they reach up to 100 metres. You can use your phone (and 9 other devices) with them, they’re super comfy, super light and have buttons so you don’t even need your phone to hand to answer calls or skip a track. For me, the best bit is how completely and utterly they shut out the world. I don’t blend in with the harassed folk of London rush hour anymore  because I’m too lost in music. While other people look they’ve had the world’s problems folded into their faces, I’m smiling, feeling like I’m watching the screen play of life pan out before me. If you use some good good batteries, you’ll get about 30 hours of audio euphoria before having to put your new best friends away in their handy little carry bag. Oh, and I even tried running in them…I felt a bit silly, but they stayed on my head! Maybe I wasn’t going fast enough…

Join the people who are having a riot on public transport with a pair of Volume. Buy them here.

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