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Repeat Button caught up with the super talented (and super babe!) Alison Wonderland to chat about boys clothing, her dynamic musical taste and her favourite moments of 2013.

Is Alison Wonderland more onstage alter-ego or is it 100% you as you are in everyday life?

I am me all the time. Everything I do is from an honest place, although I definitely feel more confident and extroverted when I am on stage than off.

You’ve said that every gig you play you take something away from. What did you take away from Splendour in the Grass this year?

Well, this year was very special for me.. It was the first time I got to play my own music live to that many people. That is a moment I will always remember.

How do you get ready (hahaaaa) for a live performance? Are you superstitious at all?

(HAHA very good) before I play I always hide in a corner I don’t like to talk to anyone – I have so much nervous energy going on. I just jump around by myself and chew spearmint gum.

What do you request in your rider for performances?

A bottle of vodka and a packet of spearmint gum.

If Welcome to Wonderland showcases your eclecticism what will your upcoming EP showcase? 

My upcoming album doesn’t showcase anything. It’s just music I made and wrote and that I am proud of… I hope people dig it… I put all of my energy into this.

Your recent mixes, particularly the set you played at Splendour and on Triple  J are kind of (American) Hip Hop heavy. And Get Ready has a Hip Hop slant on it too…

I feel like Australia is very behind in our understanding and adoption of Hip Hop… Are you making your music to purposely push these boundaries? Or is it just the type of sound that appeals to you most at the moment?

No. I just play the music that speaks to me most at the time. I have always loved hip hop and have always played it. I grew up obsessing over Beastie Boys and Outkast.

In saying that, I love anything that speaks to me, regardless of the genre.

Being a woman in a male dominated industry there’s been a lot of discussion around the way you dress… Is there any strategy behind you not over sexualising yourself or are you just a bit of a tomboy at heart? God knows it is more comfortable… (FYI, I’m a girl who also likes boys clothing).

Yeh, I guess when I started there weren’t as many women in the game. I never wanted to be looked at as a female or sexualise myself.. I wanted people to listen to the music and speak through that. And I still do.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

James Murphy, or the knife, or outkast :D

Your top 3 albums for 2013 ?

Lonerism – Tame Impala

Old – Danny Brown

Worlds End Press – Worlds End Press

If you had to listen to 3 songs on repeat for the rest of your life, what would they be?

A Day in the Life – the Beatles

Graceland – Paul Simon

Silent Shout – The Knife

What’s on the cards for Alison Wonderland in 2014?

My own music – finally!

You can catch Alison playing on New Years Day at Field Day. Tickets here.

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