Sexual Soundtracks – F**K to THIS!


My local café owner told me he likes to fuck without music on, because he likes the sound of his balls slapping against his mrs’ lady bits.  I quite like that sound too. What hot-blooded girl doesn’t? But I’m way more partial to sex with a soundtrack.  For me, sex in silence or with the wrong music is like sex with a relative; unimaginable, stomach turning and just plain wrong.

I may well be a rare breed of human that is unusually affected by music: I get turned on by music, I get turned on by people’s musical tastes, and I get really turned on fucking to a great album.  And vice versa – shit music gives me female floppy-dick. You certainly won’t find any Nickelback in my sex playlist. Or anywhere in my musical collection, for that matter.

Consider this: I recently jumped off a perfectly good, rigid penis because Madeon came blaring out of my speakers and totally killed the seductive mood – I needed to press skip! Another point of view may be that totally killed the mood for suddenly pressing eject on my vj’s pal for no apparent reason. In another scenario, say, enjoying a large bourbon and coke, getting ready for a night out, Madeon’s awesome ode to all things electronic, Finale would be the perfect partner. But for intimate, sexy times when you’re donning your keep-doing-that-and-you’ll-see-my O-face-face, this French teenager simply will not do.

The soundtrack to sex can create and enhance the atmosphere as well as take things in different directions.  Beautiful, deep and meaningful sex teamed with floor-fisting dubstep is just not right. Yet imagine the exhilaration of throwing each other around, pulling hair and scratching, with the said floor fisting dubstep playing – loudly. Amazing! Now you see my point.

Or maybe you don’t – lots of my sexual partners haven’t got it! So maybe it’s just me.

How can they not care what we have sex to? It’s a question I ask myself often.  On more than one occasion I’ve been so lost in music during a sexual encounter – assuming my acrobatic buddy is riding the same wave of pleasure physically AND mentally – only to find out they’re completely unaware that Clams Casino is providing the seductive rhythms to our sensual activities.

I guess it’s a matter of what makes us tick. Maybe people that are massively into television, like to have sex while catching up on an episode of True Blood?  Regardless, I think music freaks make for better lovers. I should know!

Us folk who are so involved with sound should stick together. And fuck together. Yes opposites attract, but sometimes you need mutual appreciation and understanding to reach a sexual high.  Sex can be everything from intimate and tender, to violent and sadistic.  You just need to adjust your aural partner accordingly. If you’re in the bedroom with me anyway.

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