Record Store Day 2013 – Pre-announced releases and new ambassador

Record Store Day

Do the words seven inch get you all hot and bothered? What about ten inch? Twelve inch? OK, calm down there, this is not a porn article, but it need not be, as some get just as frisky upon hearing ‘vinyl’ or ‘LP’ or ‘B-side’ (innuendo much?).

If this is you, then put this date in your (I’m assuming paper) diary: April 20. That’s right. folks, it’s Record Store Day! The day when music nerds from all over come out of the woodworks, sniffing the air for vinyl, sensing that a new limited edition David Bowie release has materialised.

And thanks to a list of pre-announced Record Store Day releases by the ‘vinyl fanatics’ at Wax Poetic, this tribe of the original black disc can rest easy, as Bowie is on the list, with three records planned for release, including the first two singles off his upcoming album The Next Day, and a special picture edition of his 1973 single Drive in Saturday and a four-song EP of some of his songs from 1965, or whatever. Phew!

Other highlights include the following:

  • Best Coast 7”
  • Mumford & Sons Live at Bull Moose 10”
  • Flaming Lips Zaireeka 4LP
  • Porno for Pyros S/T 20th Anniversary 180g Tie-Dye Colored Vinyl (1000 copies) LP
  • Grizzly Bear Horn of Plenty (vinyl reissue on Kanine Records) LP
  • At the Drive-In Relationship of Command (Limited Colored RSD version) LP
  • Linkin Park Hybrid Theory  (fuck, as if I’m serious including Linkin Park – could be fun for knee-snapping, though)

…and surely many more to be announced in the official list due out late March.

Although Record Store Day is a US-led initiative, Australia did get on board last year, with a number of record stores down under featuring special performances on the day, such as Megan Washington at Hum in Newtown, The Audreys at Blackwood Sound in Adelaide, Jeff Martin at 78 Records in Perth, and Deep Sea Arcade at Red Eye Records in Sydney. For an update of what the happenings in your city, check the official Record Store Day Australia site.

Jack White is the official Ambassador this year, which makes sense, as he owns a record store, a record label and produces many a vinyl release.  Encouraging music-buyers to “wake each other up” to the fact that “there’s no romance in a mouse click”, he also treats enthusiasts to a video tour of the United Records Pressing Plant in Nashville.

Enjoy the video, and start putting those pennies together for the scavenger hunt that will be April 20.

Words by Katie Mayors

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