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Sam “Sampology” Poggioli is the only name you need to know when it comes to Audio-Visual DJing. The Brisbane-born producer has been breaking genre boundaries by creating a truly unique live experience; he simultaneous mixes hip-hop infused music and bold, humorous visual samples. Sampology is setting a new standard for DJs and is paving the way for the new generation: AVDJs. We chatted to Sam about the Sampology experience, the future of AVDJing, and his new Beyond Bollywood tour.

What were your main music influences growing up?

I’d say hip hop or hip hop inspired dance music if that makes sense? Working in a record store for 4 years gave me a much broader musical taste though.

 At what point in your life did you decide to mix not only audio elements but also visual?

When the technology came out that allowed you to mix videos in Serato, the possibilities straight away blew my mind so I jumped on it straight away. I still feel like there’s still so much interesting stuff that’s possible with this kind of performance.

Do you mix all of your videos live?

The set is broken up into about 40 to 60 individual pieces that I put back together live. With a themed tour like the Beyond Bollywood one I’m on at the moment, I put together the whole set in advance to make it as special as possible and then change it up on the night depending on how the room is feeling.

Which is your preferred suite/program for your visual/audio mixing?

Serato + Mix Emergency + Windows Minesweeper

How much of your visuals is sampled and how much is original content? Where do you get your sample content from?

There are no rules, whatever feels right or feels interesting I’ll use. In the current set there’s content from Bollywood movies, my own content created and filmed while I was in India, scans of Indian comic books I found in antique stores over there, and a whole mass of other sources.

Have you come across any copyright troubles from sampling?

Only via my YouTube channel, a couple of videos go taken down for a little bit but that was from the audio content attached to them, not the video content.

Where is the unity in your work? i.e. Do you chose music to go with your visuals or chose visuals for the music?

Both, there’s no rules.

Who inspires you in terms of AV performance?

I was really impressed when I saw the Soulwax visual set because it was a completely unique take on a visual performance. Naysayer and Gilsun’s video show is dope too.

Tell about your “Beyond Bollywood” AV show that you’re currently on tour with?

I’ve always wanted to do a Bollywood-ey themed set, but the timings never really been right. In December last year, I toured India for the first time and put together my own remixes in a section of my set that went down really well so it felt right to come back to Australia and put together a whole visual show that would work to tour around Oz/ NZ with.

 What can one expect to see if they attend “Beyond Bollywood”?

I’m not playing straight up Bollywood film clips, Im taking what I love about the cinematography, the sounds and the energy of Bollywood and teaming that with my own remixes and blends. There’s still a bunch of other new random stuff through the set as well. Overall I’m really happy with doing this kind of thing because it’s something that’s come about really naturally and that feels unique and new.

And finally, what do you see for the future of Audio-Visual DJing?

Shadow Puppetry is going to make a big come back.


Both, there’s no rules.

For ‘Beyond Bollywood’ show details and tour ticketing information visit
Download Sampology ‘Show Me’ as a free download via
Watch Sampology’s India tour 2013 mini doco:

– Sampology ‘Beyond Bollywood’ AV Tour Dates:-
8th February: Mobius, Hobart
12th February: SoSueMe @ Beach Road Hotel, Bondi
14th February: Club 77, Sydney w/ special support
15th February: Perth International Arts Festival (+ DJ Shadow) SOLD OUT
21st February: Plantation Hotel, Coffs Harbour
22nd February: Alhambra, Brisbane
24th February: O Week @ Uni of Canterbury, Christchurch NZ
28th February: Royal Croquet Club, Adelaide
1st March: The Ripe 2nd Birthday @ Brown Alley, Melbourne
8th March: The Block Party, Hamilton NZ (+ P Money, Nick Thayer, Swick, Spenda C and more)



Words by Naomi Jane

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