Europe’s most affordable festival – Switzerland’s Edge of the Lake



Gutted you’re not going to Glasto? Dry your eyes, congratulate yourself on the huge wads of cash you didn’t spunk, and spend  considerably less on this little gem by a lake in Switzerland on the very same weekend.

For less than the cost of a large UK camping festival you can nab flights AND tickets AND camping to By The Lake festival. Set in the idyllic town of Sierre nestled in the Alpes your surroundings will look like something out of a fairytale. Camp or B&B, party of the chill the hell out. This is a festi of two sides.

In its 8th year the festival will host over 40 international and Swiss artists playing a hedonists mix of jazz, funk, soul, blues, hip-hop, house & disco.

Gramatik and DJ Food are heading, but you can also immerse yourself in visual arts, water-sports, hill walks, local vineyards…. this isn’t just a festival, it’s a HOLIDAY. For full travel details, camping options, line-up and tickets, click here. See you in Switzerland!









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