UE Boom – Ultimate Ears Review



Earlier this year I said an emotional goodbye to my portable speakers as they sunk to their watery death from a boat on the coast of the Gili Islands. They’d been a firm travelling friend despite their cumbersome bulk (they were an ’08 model). I can’t go to a picnic – let alone globe trot – without tunes, so space in my bag for  decent speakersis more important than clothes and malaria meds.
My life on the go is complete again now I own an UE – Ultimate Ears system!

Pinpointing a favourite feature with these bad boys is pretty tough. For a set of portable speakers, they’re pretty hard to beat. They look fucking cool, they feel good (they’re sort of squidgy and seem to be pretty bounce proof) and they’re my new best friend, probably because they’re light enough to carry around without being annoying – so they come out to play with me frequently. If you so happen to be bike rider, you’ll be pleased to know you can ditch the water for this more essential item instead – it fits perfectly in a bottle holder! Failing that, your average handbag is the perfect size. There’s an odd little clip suggesting the speaker can be worn as an oversized necklace (if you’re rude/idiotic enough), or more sensibly, hung from a tree as the perfect addition to an outdoor soiree.

So what do they sound like? Pretty damn fine!  They cover all angles, not just because they have a very nifty 360 speaker (which is super handy if you’re sitting in a group in the park) They’re not stupidly bassy like a lot of these gadgets, which can ruin your listening pleasure if you’re tuning into something with a little a more soul than bass music. That said I had a mini-rave late night in my friend’s kitchen recently to some proper drum & bass – so this humble handful of tech can handle the deep stuff when required.  Plus you can connect these things together for ‘stereo’ sound, so if you have the cash for two (BOOM BOOM!) –  it’s pArTy time!

They’re designed to pelt out a range of genres – at a distance. I was able to control mine from the upstairs toilet while they were sitting outside in the garden entertaining (annoying?) the elderly neighbours. They have the longest battery life I’ve come across in a portable speaker – up to 15 hours. And when they’re dead, a sad American girl reports‘critical battery, please charge’ – so you know you’re not being an idiot pressing the wrong button and wondering why they’re not turning on.Speaking of idiots, I’m the first to admit I can be a total loser when it comes to working out technology. I hate instructions too. But, even I worked these out how to connect these things super-quick. Is it weird to mention how cool the charge cable is? HA! Well I shall! I have a tangle of cables in my drawer that are either white or black for an array of products I’ve collected over the years. I’ve never thrown any away because I never know which cable belongs to which gadget. Now I have a big YELLOW, FLAT cable, so there’s no mistaking where my juice cable for my UE is.

The smallest things eh…I genuinely can’t recommend the UE Boom  enough – it’s an absolute must for gadget geeks, music lovers and out door folk.Find your nearest retailer here, and for more tech spec click here.

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