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Repeat Button caught up with Charles Murdoch just before his set at Splendour to chat about his recent signing to Future Classic, his first EP and his penchant for making up words…

RB: You’re at Splendour playing for Future Classic? How did you get signed with them?

CM: About 3 months ago I did a remix of a Flume track for a Beatport contest and then a week after that I got a call from Nathan who manages my other band (Mitzi) and he said ‘Lets do this ASAP, lets sign you.’

RB: What was the remix?

CM: It was of Sleepless. My track originally wasn’t entered into the competition because I was overseas. I ended up putting it online anyway and got a call from Future Classic saying that they would somehow get it released.

RB: Is this what you’ve always want to do?  To be a producer?

CM: As a solo artist? Yes definitely. I love electronic music and I’ve been doing it since high school…making beats on my computer. It’s always been the dream, coming to these festivals and seeing that one guy that you’ve always looked up to absolutely killing it. That’s what I’ve always aspired to.

RB: In terms of music what inspires you? 

Mostly Electronic music. I’ve always listened to a lot of James Holden’s stuff.

RB: What were you listening to when you were 12?

CM: Hahaha I don’t know, probably something entirely unrelated like Blink 182.

RB: Do you feel like the music that you produce is enriching the music landscape of Australia? We are a little delayed and behind Europe but we’re getting there. Do you think your music makes a difference in that respect?

CM: Its not the only thing I’m looking to do, I want to make music that primarily I like and be quite selfish with it. I think by doing that I’ve earnt a reputation as being an artist that’s trying to move Australian music forward. So, yes, I’ve always just wanted to make what I like, chilled electronica and if people see it like that its awesome, it’s a bonus.

RB: Are there any plans to move and play internationally?

CM: Definitely, I really want to go to the UK because I think there’s such a  diverse range of inspiration to be found there and I can work out whether I have any international prospects.

RB: So, when can we expect the EP?

I have one coming out really soon. It’s a 4 track EP and I’ve released 2 songs from it so far. No Lungs and Dekire are the 2 first singles. Dekire is a made up word by the way.

RB: Yeh, whats with that?

CM: Well, I’m not so emotionally attached to my tracks, like perhaps lyricists would be, so I don’t think “oh this song is about a girl, or the ocean”… I’m just more interested in how things sound… so I jumbled up a couple of letters and came up with Dekire. Its brought a whole lot of questions with it though!

RB: So therefore you don’t write lyrics then? You focus primarily on writing a beat?

Well yeh, I don’t really write lyrics, I get singers in and/or sample things and then I just write the beats around them.

RB: Can we expect more made up words from you in the future?

CM: Don’t roll your eyes at me like that!!

RB: No, its fine, as long as you can justify and solidly define them. Its perfectly fine!

RB: What are you going to play today? How are you feeling about the set?

CM: I’m actually a bit scared… it sounds a bit hectic in there and my music is much more mellow so I might need to bring the tempo right down and just chill everybody out for a while.

If you missed Charles at Splendour you can download his new EP Weathered Straight from Beatport here.

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