Charlotte OC Live in London


Photo Credit: Iain Fox

How good is it when you order that delicious looking brownie fully expecting it to taste great, but it exceeds your expectations and have to turn away from your friends while you eat it so they can’t see your O-face? I’m not saying Charlotte OC gave me an orgasm, but holy fuck did this girl blow me away at the Seabright Arms in London this week.

This was Charlotte’s first headline show and it was clear she was in awe of the situation.

Clad all in black, no flesh to speak of apart from her hauntingly pretty face she was sure of her talent, but not her place on stage – which is lovely thing to behold. Arrogance and self assurance can be ugly, but Charlotte’s attitude did not betray her music. Her performance was honest, real.

She silenced the packed out show and brought her tracks to life in such a way that turned people in the audience into rabbits caught in headlights, unable to look away from what was unfolding in front of them. Which was something pretty special – a small show from an artist who clearly born to write and sing.


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