The Aussie Music Scene


Us Brits are conditioned to believe that the Aussie music scene consists only of long-haired, leathery-skinned, aged rock has-beens. Which isn’t too far from the truth if you visit regional Australia – or the infamous Sando in Newtown. Thankfully, the live music scene over here is brimming full of crazy-good bands, artists and producers – it’s well and truly alive and kicking ass! And the best thing about Oz is, they grow and nurture their talent – commercial radio stations play unsigned acts (not just pirate ones), community radio dedicates 50% of airplay to aussie acts, there are online hubs for emerging artists and consumers, and the venues are just as banging as the dirty underground clubs of east London.

You can thank a band called Seekae, for helping shape the electronic scene in Sydney into the fertile land it is today . Since 2006, they have been producing ground-breaking electronica, gathering critical acclaim and awards along the way. Creating their own rather tongue in cheek genre – ghetto ambient – they have spawned a scene of both GA producers and fans alike. With a handful of cool remixes, 2 studio albums, an ever-growing fan base, and a reputation for mind-blowing live shows, Seekae are quite possibly the most influential electronic act of the naughties in the southern hemisphere.

Flume, a 19 year old solo future bass producer, is a guy whipping up a lot of attention in the bloggersphere, and a hectic amount of remixes in the studio. The Future Classics kid says he has stacks of new tracks on the boil and is literally smashing them out at an almost alarming rate. He’s been making beats since he was 13 after (legend has it) finding some software in a cereal box. Cheers Kellogs! With killer tracks like his gorgeous debut single, Sleepless and one of his latest, Higher, I can only hope this young un’ doesn’t get bored of making music for many, many years.

Elizabeth Rose; don’t let the name fool you into thinking she is just another singer-song writer. This chick is way more awesome than your average songstress. She’s been causing a stir in Sydney over the last year and recently released her first EP. In a market saturated by boy-made-beats, it’s great to see Rose blossoming into the talent of tomorrow. Her single, Ready, is about as catchy as they come.

Oliver Tank popped his curly head into the scene in 2011 with a phenomenal glitch pop remix of Snoop Dogg, Beautiful. As the winner of FBi’s Northern Lights competition, it’s no surprise he has been compared to the likes of James Blake and Bon Iver.

No strangers to the king of blogs, The Hype Machine, RUFUS first started attracting attention in early 2011 with their EP release of the same name. Paris Collides is a dark and intensely haunting track, but melancholic electronica isn’t their only trick. They’ve made New Navy’s summer anthem, Zimbabwe, even more danceable!

The digital age means you no longer have to share a studio with your band mates to produce an album; you don’t even need to live in the same city! Marcus Whale and Travis Cook of Collarbones prove this! A bouncy yet beautiful, experimental glitch duo from Adelaide and Sydney – these guys made their album, Iconogrpahy, while living in their separate cities. Which is pretty incredible.

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