…. A Mix On Repeat ….

a mic on repeat.

Get involved in the week’s Mix On Repeat which features some great music from across the globe, including one of our favourite acts, Made In Heights, who continue to wow us. Then, following a big nine month gap is Club Kuru that’s certainly welcomed. Propping up the other 3/5 is Girlpool, Sivik & Samantha Urbani

Made In Heights- Forgiveness

LA’s Made In Heights have had a wonderfully prolific few months. Last year, their tracks ‘Panther’ and ‘Ghosts’ soon made their way into our regular playlist, and their first offering in 2015 does not let us down. Shimmering production below enthralling vocals, these two make quality, imaginative electronic pop music.

Club Kuru

Club Kuru have been operating somewhat under the radar, but it certainly seems like there is something quite unique about their music. Latest track ‘Loot’ features a slowburning vocal over piano based production. There are some nods to mainstream and left field here.

Samantha Urbani- 1 2 3 4

Samantha Urbani returned to us this week with new track, ‘1 2 3 4′. This is a wonderful pop track- there is something nostalgic about the production and the vocal delivery that we really dig. Glittery pop of highest order.

Girlpool – Before The World Was Big

Guitarist Cleo Tucker and bassist Harmony Tividad slow it down a bit in their new jam Before The World Was Big. It’s great to see how they can mix it up, and if you like it you can grab it via Wichita Recordings on June 1.


Upbeat, poppy & catchy on the ears, SIVIK is certainly a bit of fun to put on this weekend. We read on Noisey that it’s rumoured to be the alter ego of Zayn Malik which made us chuckle.

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