Repeat Button’s growth has been rapid, wild, and unexpected. At the tender of two, RB proudly holds the title of Best Music Blog in the 2013 Pedestrian TV Blogster Awards in Australia.  With a solid global following and a team of sharp eared, witty writers in Sydney, Melbourne and London, we spend way-heeeey too much time looking for great new music.  We’re good people, and we love good music.



Jess Nicks – Founder

e: jess@repeatbutton.com

When Jess was at school in the 90s, her peers were massively into Take That and other chart atrocities. She rebelled: jungle and D&B all the way. Thus a lust for bass and ‘good’ music was born. Studying in the infamous northern city of Manchester kindled this lust, like hosing a house fire with petrol. Her twenties paved the way into a diverse melodic landscape and an obsession with new and underground music took over her soul. She’s worked her way around London and Sydney as a TV producer, editor and music consultant. Until she realised she was missing her calling: she gave birth to RB in June 2012. It’s the child she’ll never have…

LOVES: dance floors, fields, tents etc
HATES: that screamy, satanic metal shit
HOPES: she never gets too old for camping festivals and nudie runs
FEARS: exposure to commercial radio

The Other Jess

‘The Other Jess’ Matthews – Editor + Writer

e: theotherjess@repeatbutton.com

Spoon-fed Orbital, Yello, The Prodigy, Salmonella Dub & Mazzy Star when she was young it was no wonder that the first album Jess bought (at the age of 11) was The Fugees, The Score. From that point forward it became clear to Jess that music was a multi dimensional, multi faceted part of her life. Music remained merely a covertly ingrained passion until Jess completed her degree in Communications, stumbled across an ad for Repeat Button and inadvertently found a way to articulate both her love for music and her desire to write absolutely everything down.

LOVES: deep sounds that involuntarily move her
HATES: that it’s acceptable for good producers to collaborate with shit artists
HOPES: that she ends up still raving in her bikini (and saggy as hell) in Ibiza when she’s 60


Katie Mayors – Contributor

e: katie@repeatbutton.com

Katie’s obsession with live music started young. After early failures like being disallowed to attend Nirvana’s Aus tour at age twelve, she got to her first gig at thirteen – the Lemonheads and Tumbleweed at Sydney uni. Her love of indie music got better but never waned, of which there is actual evidence in the form of a ridiculous amount of mixed tapes scattered around the homes of her friends. After a number of years kicking around the book industry, she decided it was time to do some writing of her own…

LOVES: mixed tapes, music festivals, frontmen and vinyl
HATES: when bands that start out epic get more commercial and dull with each record
HOPES: that my Coachella 2014 plan comes to fruition
FEARS: that beards will go out of fashion