By The Lake Festival in Switzerland: REVIEW
On what is traditionally the wettest weekend in June, I unplugged from the mayhem of London life and nestled myself into the serene mountains and lakes of Switzerland to sample the Swiss approach to weekend shenanigans (and to help drown out my Glastonbury FOMO) By The Lake (or Au Bord De L’eau if you speaka […]
MOFO’s twisted little sister, Dark Mofo, lifted and dropped its black veil two weekends ago during a eleven-day, music/art/food celebration of the Winter Solstice, and along with it, all that is dark, cold and deathly. So what is Dark Mofo? And how is it different to MOFO? First of all, let’s sort out our freaking […]
Photo credit: Will Warr - Watching Aussie trio Movement on Monday night at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch I wished I was in bed instead – not because I was bored, but because it was so damn sexy. Lewis seduces the mic and his audience with abandon that’s impossible to look away from. He’s not overtly […]
Best of The Great Escape 2014
Another year, another windy weekend of musical mayhem in Brighton. The Great Escape gets better every year, and while SXSW is on the verge of being consumed by its own consumerism, TGE’s focus remains on bands not bRands. I saw a shit load of live music, but these are ones I just can’t shake… JACK […]
Europe’s most affordable festival – Switzerland’s Edge of the Lake
Gutted you’re not going to Glasto? Dry your eyes, congratulate yourself on the huge wads of cash you didn’t spunk, and spend  considerably less on this little gem by a lake in Switzerland on the very same weekend. For less than the cost of a large UK camping festival you can nab flights AND tickets […]


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